Go Big or Go Bust: Day 102 (spamming with a (13 sec) video on Instagram)

Report from the front  So my friend and collaborator Marie Christine Katz asked if I was going to post the (39 sec) video from yesterday's blog post on Instagram or Vine.  Cut to a google search:  Instagram takes 3 - 13 second videos, Vine only up to six seconds.

So being a now-or-never type person (and having intended to get into Instagram for weeks already) I chopped down yesterday's video to 13 seconds and began spamming people liberally.  The spamming was actually unintentional-  I didn't realize you don't generally 'send' videos to people on Instagram until I already had.  

Why did I ever think feature films were a good idea??  Vine?  Here I come!

Featuring a Rough Cut of "I Want To Know You" Written and Performed by Julie Clark Shubert and recorded live.

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Go Big or Go Bust: Day 55 (on Delusion and Flight of the Conchords)

This video turned my head around when I was first considering making 'youtube videos'. These guys are so smart and So funny, it helped me to brush the chip off my shoulder and see the internet as a place for serious work.  And though Louise may have issues, by comparison with these guys, she's a model of sanity. 

If you've seen this, let me reassure you, I'm watching it for the fifth time since starting to write this post.  If you've never seen it, swallow whatever's in your mouth before you press play.  For my money, this is pure inspiration.

Go Big or Go Bust: Day 42 (hilarious no-budget therapy with Bob Newhart)

I've been getting such encouragement from you and it means the world to me. "Keep at it!"  Eric DM'd me.  "It's good!" Max said. "Keep going on" Véro emailed. "You're going to explode!" Bill wrote (and, from the context, I could tell he meant in a good way). 

But even with this kind of frankly amazing support, sometimes you need a professional to give you a boost. Many of us have been in therapy to try and keep at it. Cathy Crosky, a coach whose specialty is leadership and organizational transformation, also coaches regular people who just need to get organized or to get a little more assertive. She recommended this video which addresses the pandemic of dis-ease we all suffer from. And it's HILARIOUS.  Enjoy. 

Go Big or Go Bust: Day 33 (let's Dance)

The original version of this video was only of the first (1:38).  Unfortunately that one has been defaced with a huge annotation so you miss almost all the good stuff.  If you can look away from this version at (1:38), you'll enjoy the whole song and miss the part that's out of sync. 

Gary Brolsma, evidently a fan of the O-Zone song "Dragostea din tei", made this video at home and when it went viral, became an "unwilling and embarrassed Web celebrity" (New York Times).  I find it heart-breaking that his pure and innocent passion should become a source of embarrassment to him.

Thank you to my children who first showed it to me way back when.

Go Big or Go Bust: Day 14 (on meditation and snow days)

I sort of forgot to wrap up the point of yesterday's post: if you want to stick your neck out doing something creative, you're going to feel vulnerable and you may even get hurt.  It makes sense to make the rest of life as easy as possible.

Meditation is another great tool for this, not that I didn't turn learning how into some kind of a 'Climb Everest' challenge. 

Over the past thirty years, I read a lot of books, talked to plenty of people, took at least one class and spent a lot of time trying to meditate.  Finally I gave up:  I would never get this. 

And then, my dear friend Bernadette, who had been meditating daily for decades, recommended Swami Muktananda's book MeditateIt explained meditation very simply and clearly and encouraged me that I'd been trying so hard, I'd missed the whole point.

One winter day soon after, holding still and staring at falling snow (which happened to be falling straight down, without wind) I effortlessly 'dropped into myself'.  Instead of reaching up and out, trying so very hard, by simply internalizing the action of the snowflakes, I was meditating.   I made a little video so you could try it for yourself, no matter where you are or what the weather is. 

Go Big or Go Bust: Day 11 (on Brené Brown on being vulnerable ... or numb)

I woke up at 2:45 this morning with a modified panic attack.  Grasping at straws, I threw the I Ching a few times which left me more confused than before.  

Fortunately, filmmaker Julia Wrona had recently reminded me of this Brené Brown video and I’d been meaning to watch it again to post here so I did just that.  I wasn’t expecting that it would reduce me to tears this time too.  It’s so good!  And it covers everything that matters.  EVERYTHING.


Go Big or Go Bust: Day 9 (on Maria Bamford and transparency)

If you're not aware of Maria Bamford, you're MISSING OUT.  Maria Bamford is a rare and beautiful example of someone who manages to make emotional honesty (*personal transparency*) look not only desirable but FUN.   Watch this (80 sec) VIDEO and lemme know if you agree. 

My plan is to stick closer to life as I know it in the videos about getting The Louise Log out to the world- but it's great to have Maria Bamford's inspiration to tell the darn truth.