Go Big or Go Bust: Day 102 (spamming with a (13 sec) video on Instagram)

Report from the front  So my friend and collaborator Marie Christine Katz asked if I was going to post the (39 sec) video from yesterday's blog post on Instagram or Vine.  Cut to a google search:  Instagram takes 3 - 13 second videos, Vine only up to six seconds.

So being a now-or-never type person (and having intended to get into Instagram for weeks already) I chopped down yesterday's video to 13 seconds and began spamming people liberally.  The spamming was actually unintentional-  I didn't realize you don't generally 'send' videos to people on Instagram until I already had.  

Why did I ever think feature films were a good idea??  Vine?  Here I come!

Featuring a Rough Cut of "I Want To Know You" Written and Performed by Julie Clark Shubert and recorded live.

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