Go Big or Go Bust: Getting Ready for a Flurry of Activity (BONUS: hear Mr. Green learn from Matthew McConnaughey)

It's the season for hibernation ... but I'm going in the other direction - I'm coming back to life! After almost a year of thrashing around and trying to figure out the next step, I've got a plan

Here's a (2:00) clip to start the ball rolling.  More soon.   (Please click the 'Like' button and be instantly rewarded for your big heart.)

Go Big or Go Bust: Day 33 (let's Dance)

The original version of this video was only of the first (1:38).  Unfortunately that one has been defaced with a huge annotation so you miss almost all the good stuff.  If you can look away from this version at (1:38), you'll enjoy the whole song and miss the part that's out of sync. 

Gary Brolsma, evidently a fan of the O-Zone song "Dragostea din tei", made this video at home and when it went viral, became an "unwilling and embarrassed Web celebrity" (New York Times).  I find it heart-breaking that his pure and innocent passion should become a source of embarrassment to him.

Thank you to my children who first showed it to me way back when.