Go Big or Go Bust: Day 168 (this is hard being naked (figuratively))

I sat down to lunch with Mr. Green this afternoon and announced "GAME OVER." 

I feel like I'm not doing this right.  I want to pull it off.  I want to do a bang-up job of being naked in front of the world.  (figuratively)   I want to keep up my end of things on social media.  And in fact, this attempt to be open is probably exactly the therapy I need to counteract my childhood.  But--

Mudd keeps pointing out to me that all the stuff in Louise's head, in her voiceovers, is what has to come out of my head and onto the page.   "THAT'S the stuff!" 

Yeah yeah yeah fine.  Easy for you to say, Miss Mudd. 

Maybe today is especially hard because one of the psychics specifically pointed out: "JULY 6: YEAH.  All great"  

And?  I've been in tears, I've wasted time.  And I hurt someone's feelings. 

Tomorrow is another day.  In the meantime, there's tonight.