Go Big or Go Bust: Day 30 (on low-tech hacks for time-management)

Day 30!  And to my shock, doing something here every day is actually changing my life - just as my coach and advisor Mudd Lavoie said it would!

Genuinely connecting with people on the internet is great.  But it doesn't happen with everybody nor does it happen every time.  Connecting online takes more imagination than connecting in person.  And it takes more self-control-- there are so many fleeting people in a virtual life.  Especially if you have problems with impulse control, how do you manage your time? 

In the world of three dimensions, my usual jobs have been editing and shooting The Louise Log.  Like most people, I know how to block out everything else and just do the job in front of me.  But it's different online. 

Back in my early days on twitter, one morning is burned into my brain: it was 6AM and I stood at my (non-standing) desk for two seconds 'just to check in' on twitter.  Six hours later, seeing spots from hunger and thirst, I unglued myself from the keyboard. 

With this awareness of what I'm capable of, I've been asking for advice on how to cope ever since.  I've read articles and blog posts trying to figure out how to wrestle control from my impulses.  I've whined. I've pleaded.  I've PRAYED. 

But it's been infrequently that I've actually taken Cathy Crosky's suggestion to heart: the click click of a kitchen timer helps some people to really stay in the moment, to feel the pressure to stick to the schedule.

The obvious first part of this strategy is to sit down first thing and make up that schedule.  Even if it's unrealistic, cramming eight hours of jobs into the morning, it's something to start with.

On another day, I'll go into detail about the online time management tools that have stood my test of time.  Today, it's a low-tech hack.  I guess the missing ingredient until today for me was the desperation born of a daily deadline.

PS Victoria Trestrail reminded me that I should mention that I don't use a kitchen timer in the kitchen.  For cooking, I just stick with the smoke alarm.