Go Big or Go Bust: Day 29 (on the importance of Story)

Friends-- and really anyone who had ever sent me an email before December 31, 2007, are the force responsible for the fact that The Louise Log is more than one (82 sec) video.  If you were in my Outlook Express address book back then, as far as I was concerned, you were 'on my mailing list'.   Some people graciously bore up silently under my spam attack.  A few people asked to be removed from my 'list'.  A number of friends and family wrote back encouraging me to make another one, and to use the same actor Christine Cook.

My plan had been to try something totally different every month-  stop motion animation, talking animals or my own version of Candid Camera.  But with people interested and hey, we did have several hours of tape from that day at the Farmers Market.  Why not?

Furthermore, there was so much gorgeous tape of Christine Cook among heaps of red apples, golden flowers and the architecture of Union Square.  I cut together something gorgeous which ran under two minutes.  It could have been called Louise Goes Shopping.  It got even better set to a song I'd heard in France in the early 70's.  My husband, who happens to have a great respect for and understanding of story, watched it.  The essence of his response was: "What's the story?"

Panicked I watched the tape over and over looking for a story.  The only thing that leaped out at me was a shot of a farmer who looked into the camera and made me very uncomfortable. 

It happened to be another sunny Saturday in the Fall and I grabbed my camcorder and ran over to Union Square to the Farmers Market.  This time, all  I wanted were shots of the farmers and I got a slew of them, none looking especially happy at being taped.  Suddenly there was a story.

In 2012, in a attempt to go legit, the audio for this episode was rerecorded with an original song by Don Watson and Leer Leary.  You know Leer Leary as Ava's nemisis, the Camerman in Season Two.

 Here's the original Louise Log t-shirt with a quote from this episode: