Go Big or Go Bust: Day 230 (Janet Perr, designer of Cyndi Lauper's first album cover, and new video thumbnails)

Today I spent a couple of hours walking by the Hudson with Janet Perr, a friend from the (sometimes dark and lonely) days when our kids were in Kindergarten together.  Who knew that old Janet had had designed an album cover one for the Rolling Stones, that amazing cover for Cyndi Lauper's first (incredible) album and that Janet even won a Grammy for album cover design!

Oddly enough, I'm up to my neck in my own design project.  Using everything Mhairi told me to do plus whatever I've been able to learn from studying popular web series thumbnails (the tiny posters for videos online are called 'thumbnails') I'm in the midst of redoing all the thumbnails for all three seasons.  Whaddaya think?  (I'm seriously open to comment and suggestions.)