Go Big or Go Bust: Day 229 (Getting over the No-Pain-No-Gain mentality and having some Fun with Julie Clark Shubert)

I still remember the morning thirty odd years ago when my dear old dad, who had choked down Shredded Wheat for breakfast for much of his life, learned that this cereal was virtually devoid of nutritional value.  "I figured anything that tasted that bad must be good for you!"  It seems that I've managed to incorporate his "no pain, no gain" fixation: I generally feel most comfortable killing myself with work. 

So it was with complicated feelings that I decided to seize the opportunity to have some fun and hangout with a musician who has been more than generous in letting me use her song in my videos.  The irrepressible Julie Clark Shubert (whose wonderful song "I Want To Know You" is the soundtrack to this video about The GypsyNesters must-read book) is in town.

Soon after Julie arrived, we set off and have been walking and talking all day.  First stop was to visit Louise Log musician and Etsy star Emily Spray's table at a street fair where Julie scored a hat:

We then headed downtown to give Julie a taste of Soho and Little Italy, ending up in Chinatown where we took a break for a lunch of Chow Fun at Hop Kee followed by foot massages.:

In spite of my protests that the sun was in the wrong place for a picture, Julie insisted on this shot with the Hudson River at the 3.5 mile mark.

We made it back to my place in what Google Maps calculated as 3.9 miles.  OH yeah.  And Julie's just announced that 'cooking and dancing' is next on the agenda.  I want to rally.  I want to be a good sport.  My only anxiety is that I may miss dinner, fast asleep in bed.  Fun is exhausting.