Go Big or Go Bust: Day 231 (on Everett Quinton, Amy Winehouse, Drop Dead Perfect and success)

Mr. Green and I went to see AMY tonight, the documentary about Amy Winehouse and a sobering meditation on the perils of success and media attention in this day and age.

It’s interesting to find myself in the situation of needing and wanting exactly this double-edged sword of success, the very thing which makes it possible to raise money and greenlight projects but which can apparently become a curse.  

Maybe I’m deluding myself, but I’d like to think that my thirty odd years in the trenches have sufficiently grounded me so that I would weather whatever storms success might bring.  

And then, I happened on wonderful news of a fresh success for someone who has known well-deserved success for decades and wears it well:

Everett Quinton in The Louise Log #41                  Photo by Karen Sanderson

Everett Quinton in The Louise Log #41                  Photo by Karen Sanderson

Everett Quinton, the delightfully difficult father-in-law to Louise in Season 3, is killing it Off-Broadway.  Not only did The New York Times name Drop Dead Perfect a Critic’s Pick, they singled out its star and gave credit where credit is due:

Thank you Everett for showing us all that a person can continue to be a stellar, generous and sane human being in spite of having his (her) name in lights.  I can’t wait to see you in this.  Congratulations!!