The Plan for February 13-18, 2013



With your great generosity to be willing to tweet and retweet and the rules constraining us, here's another way to go--  (only one vote per twitter acct allowed...)

We need to get into the top six places where the judges will consider the 'Finalists'.

This is what the KONY 2012 team did:  Appeal to people who have huge followings.  

If (for example) @mindykaling with her over 2 million followers gets 25 tweets asking her to look at the louise log, maybe she will!  And maybe she'll tweet about it!

Our rockstar Social Media Specialist @MichelleLupo suggested that it might be a good idea to appeal to them individually through their specific interests.  

IF that's too much trouble for you, NO PROBLEM.  Here's a SAMPLE TWEET but which does NOT target them as individuals. If you're in a hurry, please send it to one or all of the people in the LIST OF TWITTERERS TO TWEET TO (further down the page)



HELP this big little comedy series win the Shorty for Best Web Show, please!  (2:12)

But if you have the time to try and tailor your tweet, here's a list of twitterers with big followings who might go for the louise log.  Included is a description of their interests and some guidelines:


GUIDELINES - Please include in the tweet

1) the running time of and the link for episode #4 on youtube:  (2:12)

2) the link to the The Louise Log voting page on the Shorty Awards 



Mindy Kaling

@mindykaling Mindy Kaling - desserts, food / romantic comedy / awkward situations / fashion 

Lena Dunham

@lenadunham Brooklyn / young adults / dysfunctional relationships

Paula Pell

@perlapell  She's a witty writer who wrote for SNL and 30 Rock. Appeal to the female filmmaker. 

Christina Gausas

@christinagausas   She's a witty writer who wrote for Conan, 30 Rock. Appeal to the female filmmaker. 

OR anybody else you want!    


Thank you my rockstar friends.

See you in the morning.  Or later tonight if you're up.

XXX  Anne