How We're Going To Become A Shorty Award Finalist

One Step At A Time

We're in 8th place!! YAYYY and Thank you!! BUT. To be a Finalist we MUST get to 6th place- at least 123 more votes. A lotta votes. If you're not on twitter but are on fb, please skip to the bottom of the page: 3).

My brilliant friend Louise Edington is thinking the KONY 2012 strategy is the way to go: we tweet at people with big followings. 

Though NO ONE can vote more than once, we'll think of it like a bank shot in pool - aim at the side of the table to hit the middle. Our duplicate votes ('nominations') we send out won't count but they might get more people to vote. So:

1) @ people with a lot of followers (see list below for ideas),  After writing in why, TWEET THIS:

<< I nominated @TheLouiseLog in #webshow b/c (FILL IN WHY). Please take a look @(fill in name from list/someone else)  >> 

2) In case you don't have an idea of who to tweet @, pick from here. Tweet as many of them as you want.   

Picture 569.png

3)  If you're not on twitter but are on facebook and want to help, here's a sample post.  Maybe your friends on twitter will 'nominate' (vote for) us.


(Not trying to put words in your mouth, just want to make it easy...)

<<  Please take 132 seconds to look at this indie comedy episode about the inner life of a NYC wife and mother.  It needs 123 votes to be a Finalist.  >>

Thank you very much for your support!