Go Big or Go Bust: Day 58 (we need a logline ... hmm)

So I'm supposed to be 'knocking off' a highlights reel, the making of which is, of course, turning into an epic story of procrastination and u-turns, shoulder blades stabbing me in the back and almost all the rest of life thrown under the bus.

I guess this is the nature of tackling a whole new area, i.e. promotion.  And there is progress.  Even if it feels like MOLASSES.  In the meantime, I would Love your input:

Do you like any of these for a log line? 

Do you have a better one? 

(Please use the comments or email me.)  THANK YOU. 

- Maybe spinach would help.
- Welcome to Crazy Town.
- She’s got issues.
- Perfectly normal, right?
- Maybe ‘letting go’ isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.