Go Big or Go Bust: Day 32 (on beating the drug-like addiction of social media)

In the quest for balance in our days, it seems that we're all squaring off with this 500 lb. gorilla called 'the internet'.  Here's a surprising answer to a question I'd never thought to ask:

Q. What causes you to lose control of your time when you're on facebook, twitter and Instagram? 

A.  Along with irresistible headlines like <<Kim Jong Un's new 'sculptured haircut' >> ("This'll take five seconds.") and the non-stop scroll of posts by people I actually know, there's body chemistry

Let me set you straight about your source here.  I never took Chemistry in either high school or college and barely squeaked through high school Biology.  A passing grade for me was more of a favor to poor Mrs. Banerji so she wouldn't have to put up with my pranks-in-class ever again. 

My source is 'anecdotal', i.e. my experience.  And while I barely have the attention span to read the National Enquiry (unless in the checkout line) I can lose a day in the rabbit hole known as facebook.  Or twitter. 

The $64,000 answer?  Endorphins.  I'm like a crack addict.  The difference is, instead of crack, I'm going for Likes, Comments and Views which, to a person craving constant reassurance, give a short-lived endorphin high.  As you know, maintaining the high is a little like filling a bucket with a hole in it.