We're where we are because of YOU

  Thank you to you, our audience.


You might not be aware of the fact that you are contributing to the

production of The Louise Log.  Yup.  Just by watching.  And if you 'Like' it,

comment on it or share it, you're actually making a significant contribution.


There is little in the way of glory and virtually nothing in the way of cash in

this work at this level.  But the boost we get from seeing that people are

watching, that people are commenting and enjoying what we're doing

is rocket fuel.  And that's an understatement. It's thrilling to know that you're

there and that you care!


Instead of a blog this month, I'm going to name names, with a stab at getting

them in chronological order. Some of you have helped anonymously and I

can't thank you by name.  Many of you, I've never met in person.  But I thank

you each and every one and I think the entire cast and crew thank you for

helping the series reach an audience out beyond the circle of our family and

friends.  Without your help, we wouldn't be where we are.  You are part of our

team and doing work we couldn't do without you.  Please forgive me if your

name should be on the list and isn't.  I'm sure I've missed a few.


Jayne Haynes

Mirra Bank

Allan Knee

Lisa Green

Ann Convery

Barbara Rick @brickdoc

Cheryl Morrison

Robert Agee  @ageerobert

Alexandra Pincock

John Stinson

Sarah Schenck

Adolfo Doring

Marian Evans @devt

Jeremy Hurlburt @jeremyhurls

David Lee Wilson @im2b

David Paul Baker @davidpbaker

Constance Mortell

Laura Hammer @laurabot

Nina Froriep @NinaFroriep

Eric Rickstad‏ @ericrickstad

Jean Vitrano

Sabine Macher

Julia Wrona @JuliaWrona

Carol Jacobanis‏ @Jacobanis

Lynda Crawford

Xiane Sierocka-Stock  ‏ @Xiane

Ron Basci

Maggie Bloomfield

Eileen Gatza

Yolande Villemarie @yolandevillemai

Shallie Bey @ShallieBey

Nancy Chusid

Mary Tierney @iona1010

Anita Goa @AnitaGoa

Tom Diggs  @diggsyt

J. Sibley Law @moonbath

Danielle Earle ‏ @PLSTREETTEAM

Hannah Bos‏ @Hannahbos

Jorge Rivera

Rishi Ramlagan

Molly Campbell ‏ @mollydcampbell

Ann Imig  @annsrants

Alexandra Rosas @GDRPempress

Jacki Schklar  @funnynotslutty

Anna Lefler  @AnnaLefler

Nancy Davis Kho ‏ @midlifemixtape

Erin Donavan Domareki ‏ @gonnakillhim

Eric Mortensen  @ericmortensen 

Henry Sheppard  ‏ @AdelScreenWri

KABLOOEY @kblooey

Marla Mase  ‏ @marlamase

Leila Radan @mizbohemia

Eve Ensler @eveensler

Marta Szabo ‏ @MemoirWriter

DJ Forrester-Roberts

Shari Simpson Cabelin @DustyEarthMom

Jay Patterson

Thomas Attila Lewis ‏ @tomdog

Cindy Goldenberg @CindyGoldenberg

Mudd Lavoie  @MuddLavoie

Pearl Ramsey @PearlofGr8Prize