visions of success

Go Big or Go Bust: Day 219 (on insomnia and dreams of success)

So the pendulum is swinging ... wildly.  I got very excited last night about what the future could hold.

(In case you've somehow missed out on 'the best t-shirt ever' (and can't read it here) it says "Anxious.  And tense.  The way I like it.  The Louise Log"

Unfortunately, worked up as I was experiencing this possible success, I couldn't fall asleep til 4:30 AM.  Not that I lie in bed yawning.  After an hour, I get up and read, file papers ... something.  I learned long ago that fighting insomnia is worse than insomnia. 

Mr. Green once remarked to someone that I make a great house guest.  "She doesn't need sheets or a pillow, or even a bed!  She just wanders around the house all night."  Well.  Not exactly.  Anyway tonight I'm turning in early.  G'night.