thank you

Go Big or Go Bust: Day 237 (on how, in this case, it takes more than a village)

This is a very tricky thing to do because there's always the chance (the likelihood) that in the hurry to get this out, someone important is not included.  Oh no I've just thought of two important people!!!  

Forging ahead,  this token of my heartfelt thanks is to my professional (non-actor) inner circle of women without whom I would be chewing off my nails and blinking very fast, very possibly alone behind a warehouse somewhere.  Thank you for being role models, for your kindness and your generosity with your time and your knowledge and your encouragement.  It's in large part because of you that I'm daring to go through with this mad attempt to leap to the next level.  

So thank you my dear friends!   (In case you're curious about these wonderful women, check out the links below the picture.)


Go Big or Go Bust: Day 201 (Before & After telling the truth on Facebook)

How can I thank you for rallying around!. Your generosity and acceptance took me completely by surprise. 

There's an old saying: "A joy shared is doubled, a sorrow shared is cut in half."  Well, In this case, my baaad feelings were more than cut in half by your stories and encouragement.  I've never DARED to talk so openly about such a clearly miserable situation and never in my wildest dreams imagined that doing so on facebook would be the fastest route to getting through it.

I bow to you.  And I thank you.