Go Big or Go Bust: Day 183 (When a psychic predicted that Mr. Green (my current co-writer) would become my husband)

Years ago, decades ago in fact, I went to see a psychic who lived and worked out of his apartment in Riverdale in the Bronx.  He'd been recommended by my psychic friend Julia Wolfe so I knew I was going to get my money's worth. 

His name was M.B. Dykshoorn and, having lived for most of his life in The Netherlands, he spoke with an accent.  The walls of his office were covered with plaques from police departments around the world in recognition of the crimes he'd helped to solve with his psychic powers.  He wore a dark suit and we sat (when he sat) in black leather chairs like at a shrink's office.

I'd recently decided that I wanted to have children and so was intent on getting married.  The central problem was that I didn't even have a boyfriend.  Mr. Dykshoorn assured me that I would meet my future husband within eighteen months and that he'd be from 'across the water, probably the UK'.  He also mentioned that this man would be a film producer.

About a year later, I met Mr. Green.  Because he was a scientist/professor and not a film producer, I wrote him off as 'not the guy' and wasn't even sure I wanted to waste time going out with him.  My friend Nicki advised me to "Date, don't mate."  Have some fun, get out of the pressure-cooker.  She convinced me that if I didn't loosen up with the earnest search, I'd blow any chances that came my way. 

Within six weeks Mr. Green won my heart over and went on to help produce my feature How To Be Louise, and to co-write The Louise Log.   Though Mr. Dykshoorn had predicted that he'd be from 'across the water, probably the UK', Mr. Green was living across the East River in the then obscure enclave of Williamsburg.

In case you missed the closest thing we've ever had to a viral video, here's one (3:10) about my experience of crowdfunding which amassed over 900 views in less than a day and prompted Emily Best to tweet: "Get this man an agent".  (She was referring to my co-star Mr. Green.)