Go Big or Go Bust: How An Indie Gets In The Door To Pitch A Pilot (Part 1)

So it’s getting down to the wire over here.  I mentioned to a friend (let's call her Susan Miller) that I want to go out and pitch this pilot idea in January ... February?

She emailed me back:

friend:    It just occurred to me -- who is setting up your meetings? Do you have an agent or a producer who is scheduling these?    

me:        I have neither an agent nor a producer. This is the root of the problem.  I’m tackling the thing twig by twig and hoping they don’t all snap off.
friend:    Do you want to go over your plan with me? I mean, how are you getting in the door to producers/studios/networks?

me:        I don’t really have a plan.  I don’t have the connections to get in the door.  

friend:   Maybe we can have a regular phone convo. Because I'm concerned about your not having a plan. But maybe you have viable or possible ideas.

me:       I have a list of people …  people I sort of knew… once.  One guy I worked with thirty years ago.    

friend:   Anne, you can’t go out to LA without meetings set up.

me:        Who said anything about going out to LA?

friend:    Well you said you were going out to pitch…

me:        I meant going out of the HOUSE. 

Stay tuned.  And please leave comments if you have suggestions on how you or someone you know successfully stormed the doors of HBO, Netflix, Amazon, etc. 

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