Go Big or Go Bust: Day 171 (Lessons from Amy Winehouse)

Thanks for your rock solid support my friends.  Sorry that I can't follow through tonight with any pearls of wisdom from last night's dreams - there weren't any dreams! 

Maybe cause my brain was too busy digesting.  I'd listened to Terry Gross' Fresh Air after dinner which was all about Amy WInehouse and the documentary about her which came out this week.  From what I've heard and read, it's a heartbreaking story. 

I google-imaged Winehouse and studied her style and listened to her first manager Nick Shymansky and the filmmaker Asif Kapadia talk about her passion for music, her disdain for fame and for the business side of music.  My ears perked up cause wouldn't I love to have disdain for fame and the business side of web video and still get the word out. 

Amy WInehouse rocketed to fame. during the period when I was doing pretty much nothing but cranking out episodes of The Louise Log.  I missed a lot from 2008 - 2011, family gatherings, world events and great movies and music, Winehouse's music among them. 

But even I wasn't completely impervious.  It was probably because of the tabloids on the rack in front of the all-night grocery around the corner: part of the Amy Winehouse story got to and stayed with me. Naturally it was the pictures of her crazy beehive hairdo and her problems with drugs and alcohol.  (Oh and the chorus of that song about Rehab.) 

But It was essentially the human interest that cut through.