Go Big or Go Bust: Day 165 (where did the day go??)

I overslept, breaking my day-old resolution to be up with the sun.  Forget yoga.  I don't have those seventeen minutes... or the twelve to lie there on the mat 'meditating'.

What was supposed to be one turned into two hours weeding the garden and transplanting those out-of- control potatoes (see Day 152) with the foot-long eyes.  Thanks to Marian Evans for encouraging me to go ahead and plant them. 

Managed to lose track of time and all focus as I 'multi-tasked' writing a couple of emails while I ate breakfast.   

Scrolled through facebook to see what everyone else is doing.  Couple of times.

Watered the garden and cooked dinner.  HUH?  Yup. 

Maybe if I actually get into bed by nine I'll have a better chance at accomplishing something tomorrow.