Go Big or Go Bust: Day 175 (on impulse control and self-help junkies)

For a self-help junkie who's short on impulse control and frantic to accomplish something BIG, I have manna from heaven.  

About a month ago, Victoria Trestrail, a genius singer-songwriter (whose music you've heard over the credits in all three seasons of The Louise Log), sent me an audiobook. Not being from the big techies, it took me until two days ago to overcome my anxiety and follow Victoria's step-by-step instructions on how to download it. 

The morning after my post about the Lesson from the Lettuce, I started listening to this audiobook, The Power of Less.  And it's total synchronicity!  This book is all about doing more by doing less - just like my tiny lettuce which, when given the space, grew from a couple of small leaves to be bigger than my head.  For the part of deciding how to spend your time and energy, Leo Babauta, the author, takes my rather thin explanation ("decide what must be done today") and lays out precisely how to determine what is essential and how to work backwards to make up daily actions.  It all has to do with what you want, with what your goals are.  Or, with recognizing that you don't have goals and figuring out what they might be. 

For an anxiety-puncturer, it's as good as a day at the beach.