Go Big or Go Bust: Day 89 (How do you spell crisis?)

We all have our definitions of crisis.  Mine?  Not even a to-do list for two days in a row.  I'm wracked with guilt that I didn't spend the entire day on facebook and twitter being a good social media citizen. 

Instead, I went grocery shopping.  Twice.  And I cooked dinner for my personal Phineas.  But before that, I cleaned.  For hours.  Listening to the birds.  The mourning doves are back.  And my favorite most-depressed-bird-of-2015 with his/her three-descending-notes song sung with all its heart.

I'm banking on the fact that I'll be so relaxed and rested tomorrow that I'll be on fire to get back to my desk.  Cause otherwise the guilt might just rise up and finish me off.  It's nice that there's a place in Greenwich Village with a name to make even the most desperate situation feel routine.