Go Big or Go Bust: Day 155 (You spot it, you got it.)

Mr. Green awakened me at 5:30 this morning in a rather unpleasant way.  He was snoring.  I managed to be a good sport and not go ballistic or storm out of the room with my pillow, giving him the silent treatment as I have in the past.  I actually even stayed in bed, going back to sleep a number of times until finally at around 7:30, unable to take it anymore, I leapt out of bed, accidentally dragging the top sheet with me like a live Greek sculpture and shouting (without anger) "Marriage is so GREAT!  Everyone should be married!"

I would actually say I owned the room!  So what if there were only two of us in it.  I could have been on a stage with a massive audience.  I was so fully myself and my feelings.  (And not mean.)

And then later on, Mr. Green and I got into a little bit of a row, me taking the point of view that rocks have consciousness. 

Now I don't mean that rocks have the same consciousness that we do (á la inanimate objects like Chairy in Pee Wee's Playhouse) but I'm sure they have some kind of consciousness and it all came together with this new obsession of mine: this rock is totally 'owning the hill'.   So I'm thinking, Oh yeah.  There's an expression which has often been turned against me.  This time it's in my favor: "You spot it, you got it."