Go Big or Go Bust: Day 185 (on a web series highlights reel, Final Cut Pro, procrastination and Mr. Green)

I'm not the most hi-tech person who ever walked the planet and the next job on the agenda is to build the cut of the 'highlights reel' in the most high-quality files possible.  I'll say it right out that this would be a a daunting job for anybody: I learned to cut video under deadline pressure on three different softwares, two of which are no longer available.  Combine that with my marginal impulse control and you have a mess spread over ten+ hard drives. 

So naturally, I've procrastinated to the limit with plugging in the old Lacies, Western Digitals and G-Drives Here's a shot of me caught in the act with my last delaying tactic: the wall calendar.  The three month plan.  Until the darn highlights reel is ready, there is no three month plan.  Nuff said. 

Or so I thought.  My roving photographer, Mr. Green, offered to give me a deadline.  When I practically bit his head off, he apologized: "I'm sorry I said anything."  I don't think he is sorry.  I think he just knows which side his bread is buttered on.