Go Big or Go Bust: Day 105 (POTUS on the block)

So I'm sitting here working away on a script for a really fun video and the whole neighborhood is in a tizzy.  Apparently the President is going to be driving through the Village on the way to a fundraiser. 

It's hard to concentrate when the block is swarming with police, Secret Service (I imagine they're Secret Service- the walkie-talkies, the dark suits) and the marksmen with the bullet proof vests and binoculars.  I heard some 20-somethings calling this is a "once-in-a-lifetime experience".

And then a truck arrives and up goes a tent.  By golly it looks like the President will be stopping at a building across the street.  We've been asked to close our windows and stay in the house. 

But apparently, we missed the big moment, the arrival.

And then, accidentally, I missed the departure (who knew the flash was on) here's a reflection of the camera in the closed window, plus the window gates.  You can see one of the lights on one of the ten cars of the entourage over on the left.  It's red. 

Mr. Green is having a lot of strong feelings about the fact that we, the citizens, paid a fortune in police, in helicopters, etc for our President to go to a fundraiser and that some of what was raised should go to pay for the considerable expenses. 

And what's worse is that that's just a detail.  The real question is if we can even still call this a democracy when it's become all about money.