My Tribe

Go Big or Go Bust: Day 208 (Who KNEW that putting your broken, scared, anxious, joyful heart right out there is all that really matters! Gratitude Attack to my Tribe)

First last and always, I throw my arms around each and every one of you who's showed up with UNIMAGINED love and solidarity here, on facebook and twitter.  I thank you for your generosity and your wisdom.  And I'm honored and grateful to have you buoying me in a way that even that big Sundance stamp of approval (with all that it entails) could not have buoyed me.  You are giving me something that I've never had in my life - a massive global tribe!  (You!)  It's especially unique and wonderful that we're also 24-7 pen pals.

So many of us are struggling to be heard, to make a difference with our creative work, to be recognized for what we're doing.  Until this year, I've put most of my energy into the work, very little into connecting and even less into talking openly about the day to day reality of the struggle.  Until this year, I mostly used facebook and twitter for posting links.  Who knew the rich reward of daring to reveal what's really going on.   Who knew that the bottom line of what matters is putting your broken, scared, anxious, joyful heart right out there??

I'm the only one to blame for this very public experience of a Sundance rejection which, in another time, would have been on my top ten list of Things To Avoid. 

But having gone through this with you sometimes cheering me on, on other days offering your shoulder to cry on and on others insisting that one door closes and another opens (or that the bus/train I'm supposed to take is still coming) I'm actually believing it.  In the face of yesterday's rejection, I already feel joyful and excited.  And I'm on to Plan B.

Thank you from my heart for being a part of my roller coaster journey.  I love you