Marie Christine Katz

Go Big or Go Bust: Day 196 (Neither rain nor thunder nor crickets... with Everett Quinton and Marie Christine)

Another day killing it here with this highlights reel.  Three thunderstorms and a cricket (who in the meantime has moved in his whole darn extended family) have made it challenging to do the voice-over...  BUT.  We persisted and the reel is practically ready for sound editing!  I'll be splitting the tracks in the morning.

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 7.29.35 PM.png

In gratitude for your patience, here's a screengrab from the highlights reel featuring the father-in-law everyone wants, Ethelred Black, brought to life by the brilliant and irrepressible Everett Quinton.  Behind him is the lovely (beleaguered) director of the Tarzan and Jungle Girl movie, Marie Christine Katz.