Go Big or Go Bust: Day 64 (Breakfast of Champions)

Determined to stay the course and get this show OUT TO THE WORLD, whenever I see someone clear-headed and energetic,  I make a point of asking what they had for breakfast.  Rare is the person who gets that this is an earnest question.  (Or maybe they don't eat breakfast... or just don't want to talk about it?)  I am very seriously into food for the experience of it and as fuel. 

A number of years ago, we were in Philadelphia and went out for breakfast as a family.  I had the usual scrambled eggs, buttered toast, orange juice and coffee with milk.  It was a gorgeous, sunny Spring morning before 10AM and I was well-rested.  On leaving the restaurant I was overcome with exhaustion and could hardly make it the half a block to the car.  I needed a Nap. 

I've since sworn off caffeine, large glasses of orange juice, white sugar and white flour.  If I don't eat a good breakfast, I'm like a wild animal before noon - stuffing anything within reach down the gullet.  This has been my standard breakfast for a while: oatmeal or brown rice (or kasha, etc), roasted nuts, a banana, currants and some diced orange or lemon peel.  (Freeze the peel and it'll last.) Cinnamon or cardamom is nice on top but we're out of it.  Some milk. 

What's your best breakfast?