Go Big or Go Bust: Day 61 (on Anna Wintour, Albert Einstein and uniforms)

More than a decade ago, I read that every day, Karl Lagerfeld steps out of the bath and into a freshly laundered white, cotton pique housecoat.

In The Devil Wears Prada, we learned that Anna Wintour goes in the same but 180º opposite direction, generally wearing one (brand new) article of clothing one time and one time only. 

I still think about this. 

Even before hearing that Steve Jobs wore the same thing every day (one of many identical pieces of 'the same thing') I was onto this idea at the age of 8, gracing Echo Ridge Girl Scout Camp with my favorite pair of green shorts and matching 'angel' top every day for two weeks.  There's efficiency in not having to figure out what to wear and it's so reassuring to know you're always going to feel good about your clothes.  (I've just discovered from the link for Steve Jobs that Albert Einstein was onto this too.)

But here's a burning question: if (with your computer lifestyle) you don't get your uniform dirty and so rarely even have to wash/dry clean it, do you benefit by but also possibly suffer from keeping the same 'vibes' on you day after day after day? 

I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts AND see a picture of your uniform. 

Vest and sweater Jil Sander for Uniqlo (couple years ago), Levi jeans ('revels'), Blundstone boots on their third set of soles.