Go Big or Go Bust: Day 43 (from my journal about episode #4)

2.3.08       I barely scraped a third episode out of the farmers market. So. NOW what? So many possible directions. Feels limitless. And exciting. Scary.

2.22.08     The shoot yesterday went... okay. Stressful. Interested to see the footage, if we got it. I have no idea. We met at Dean & Deluca on University and 11th for a hot drink and to be able to sit down. Shooting while directing is hard- trying to figure out exactly which shots. Hope we got what I need. The written-out shot list was only partly useful. All I could really take in were the storyboards-- needed those for a speed assessment, in the cold, two actors standing there waiting for instructions of WHAT TO DO NEXT. Think I did the right thing to just forget about the over-the-shoulder shots and, when I wanted to cut it short, used the memory of pain in the editing room to LET THEM KEEP GOING. Much harder without a camera operator and with such a small viewfinder.

2.28.08     Hurt by X's remark "Maybe you'll get a REAL feature out of this. After all, these are hardly more than storyboard sketches."

3.1.08        Hope people aren't muttering "BUY YOURSELF A TRIPOD."

3.7.08        Woke with a panicky feeling that the audio on this episode is too crude to upload.

3.9.08        Too bad if people don't like it.  I have to think the the one 3 star rating was someone whose mouse slipped. They meant to make it a 5 but it locked on at 3. Not going to take this personally.

(2:11)  (The audio was re-mastered in 2011.)