Go Big or Go Bust: Day 4 (on morning habits, time management and walking the plank)

5:45 AM  Slept like a rock.  Plenty of time to free-write, do some yoga and pick up around the house. Actors showing up at 9 for the rehearsal.  Lighting a little candle.

6:58 AM  So important to do these affirmations… get the panic down to a manageable level.

7:30 AM  Fingers so cold I can hardly hold on to a pen.  Why isn’t the heat coming up?  It’s sposed to be up by 6:30.  Calling Mark.  Putting on extra layers.

7:38 AM  Benefit to living in a 40º apartment: mittens double as pot holders.  Time saver.

8:15 AM  Boiler guys apparently “on the way”.  Love my little yoga routine.  Some days it's littler than other.  Where the heck are those notes I was going to type up for rehearsal? 

8:36 AM  Boiler guys here.  Shouting.  Banging on pipes.  Trying to think about the Pinch and the Ouch for the actors.  (BANG BANG BANG... "Yo!")  Gotta remember The Turning Points.  ("Excuse me, you gotta a phone I can use?")  The Contrary Expectations!

8:55 AM  Heat coming up.  Boiler guys leaving.  Deep calming breaths.  I'm going to be calm.  Going to be grounded.   Going to be present to DO MY JOB.   But there's the problem.   I don't just want to do my job.  I want to do it well.  I actually want to do it brilliantly.  And working with wonderful actors Arabella Oz and Josh Mendelow, if it isn't brilliant, the problem is obviously with the direction.  Meanwhile, it's important that The Director be an authority.  PRAYING that they won't see through my life-like veneer into the snake pit.  

We present the scene on Sunday night.  I'll keep you posted.