Go Big or Go Bust: Day 37 (on finding a story and Apple's one to one sessions)

In early 2008, going to one-to-one sessions at the Apple store ($99/yr) (!), I got a pretty good handle on video editing with imovie.  Okay, so four year olds at the kiddie table there had a pretty good handle on it too.  But, coming from film editing with a splicer and tape, I'd had a phobia about this mysterious method of editing with a ... keyboard?  It was thrilling to be able to cut tape the same day I started learning and to refine my 'technique' with every session. 

The tricky part about this third episode was that, though there were still hours of tape of Christine Cook picking up vegetables and paying for them, I was pretty sure I'd already used the only 'story' I could pull out of Louise's (my) experience at the farmers market. 

What became obvious was that for it to be interesting to others, it would have to be interesting to me.  If I could discover something about myself that I was taking for granted or (hello) completely unconscious of, maybe that could be the basis of a story. 

I can't emphasize strongly enough the role that multi-hypenate Emily Spray's gorgeous song "You Can't Stop The Rain" plays in making this episode.

(Side note, our current t-shirt's quote comes from this episode.)


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