Go Big or Go Bust: Day 254 (about returning to the front after surgery on a deviated septum and eight sinuses)

So here’s what you can see of my ‘ordeal’: 

(It looks exactly the same as it always did.)

(It looks exactly the same as it always did.)

The big deal is not the nose which just had its internal walls ‘rearranged’ - it’s the sinuses.  My wonderful (if completely mad) surgeon went in and ‘opened up’ all EIGHT sinuses.  The massive inrush of all this oxygen is almost disorienting-- in a good way. The only problem is a persistent
sinus headache which makes looking at a screen not fun - hence my delayed and gradual return.  

I haven’t had the nerve to ask the doctor (he doesn’t have what I’d call a very ‘strong’ sense of humor) if I’m his fastest recovery ever but if your well-wishing in my Facebook feed counts for all that I'm imagining it does, I probably am.

Thank you for your amazing show of support.  It’ll take me a while to get around to visit and reply but you’re already in my heart.