Go Big or Go Bust: Day 238 (on hammer time ... or actually it's knife time)

I think I’ve mentioned (what’s been referred to as) my ‘sporty’ childhood which involved a lot of time upside down, walking on hands, cartwheels, etc.  After breaking my nose twice, a doctor tried to straighten out my deviated septum with a metal rod, apparently almost perforating the septum in the process.  Regardless of whatever good he may have done for my nose, I promptly went and stopped a field hockey ball with it soon after.

Hey, I breathe just fine through my mouth.  It’s the sinus infections which have been getting to me.

So tomorrow I’m going under the knife.  The plan is to correct a top 10% worst case deviated septum.  I’m unhappy to report that the doctor who’ll be holding the knife rated the operation in the top 1% for difficulty and so am trying to repress the fear factor.  All the action will be right around the eyes and the brain.  

If I’m unfit for the job, Mr. Green will post an update tomorrow.  I hope to be back to this blog soon but from what I've heard, might have to take a break.  Taking you all with me into the operating room.   Thanks for being here!