Go Big or Go Bust: Day 233 (on process, insomnia, extreme AC and the amazing Marie Forleo)

I’ve been out and about living the dream.  Tonight that meant riding the NYC subway system and I figured you’d want to see me navigating an MTA tunnel. 

Unfortunately, the cars of the trains are so overly air-conditioned that you need a sweater while you're traveling.  But, as the saying goes, what goes around, comes around and the hot air from these cars is vented onto the platforms. Waiting for the next train, I felt in danger of being poached standing up.  But I digress.

Tonight brings me to the fingernails-on-the-blackboard subject of ‘process’.  I’m so into results and finished products, I practically break out in a rash if someone wants to talk about ‘process’.  Trusted reader, why are you not surprised.

Anyway, this trying to take The Louise Log to the next level is nothing if not a process.  My usual way of wanting it all finished yesterday simply doesn’t work.  Yes it makes me hysterical.  Yes it throttles my anxiety up and off the charts.  Yes I’m up until 2AM tossing and turning and driving Mr. Green ‘cray cray’ (he would hate that expression and I’m taking a certain pleasure in using it).  The fact is, I’m a nervous wreck.  

And guess what comes across my computer screen?

The solution to all my problems!  

The ‘Crazy Simple Stress-Busting Tool You’re Not Using (Yet)’

If you’ve never met Marie Forleo, you’re in for a pleasant surprise.  Oh come on I’ll say it right out: Get ready to fall in love.  There's even a free download for those of you into stationery porn.  OH yeah.