Go Big or Go Bust: Day 220 (Postcard from my night on the town - finding a parking spot with Mr. Green)

So it's feeling like the end of summer and the last joyless man and I decided to go into the nearby big town for the evening.  We circled around for a good fifteen minutes looking for a parking spot but there wasn't one anywhere and then we finally found three together.  Okay it was blocks from where we were going but, with some hesitation, we took it and as we race walked to our destination, Mr. Green became convinced that the three spots were available only because they were illegal and we would come back to find at least a parking ticket if not a towed car. 

So, supportive and selfless, in spite of hunger pangs, I suggested we double back and look for another spot.  But Mr. Green insisted that we press on (pointing out that everything would be closed if we delayed further) but that he was now certain that we had parked illegally.  I pointed out that the police would have no trouble finding us, two criminals on the lam headed to the health food store to get some gazpacho and corn bread. 

"Very funny Annie.  Here.  Lemme take a picture of you with these sunflowers."

P.S. The car was not towed.  And we didn't get a ticket.