Go Big or Go Bust: Day 200 (So I wanted to knock your socks off to celebrate)

Even a person who doesn't have the planning gene notices the approach of Day 200.  

So of course I wanted to spring the highlights reel on you to celebrate.  Unfortunately, the sound editor isn't scheduled to mix it til next week.  

Hey!  How about one of the great skit videos Maria Bruni and I shot in June?  Forget about it.  A massive influx of family is arriving any minute and with the huge amount of overdue cleaning, there's no skit video.

And so my last resort is the truth.  I'm on the verge of depression, bracing myself for the Sundance announcement of the Episodic Lab finalists (August 20 ).  Counter to all my visualization wisdom, I'm not even daring to hope that my co-writers and I will be finalists.  I don't want to be disappointed. 

Is this something I can talk about???  Or is this one of those taboos too ugly, too sad and too gloomy to even mention?