Go Big or Go Bust: Day 193 (What I dreamed last night)

I was in the front part of a ho-hum grocery store, possibly in Chinatown.  The ceiling was low, it was clean but not at all fancy and there were lots of regular NYC people shopping, young, schlubby, a mixed group.  Before I could even go in to start shopping, someone asked me about The Louise Log.  It very quickly turned into something like a Q & A but with people giving testimonials about how much they love the show and identify with the characters.

I'm, naturally, having a total heart attack of joy.  I LOVE YOU PEOPLE!  You are justifying everything about me and my whole life! 

And then someone asks if I have a card, and I'm relieved to discover a handful of business cards in my pocketbook.  But it turns out that some of them are only a portion of a card, the wrong shape and with only partial information on them as if they were cut improperly by the printer.   I throw those back in my pocketbook and hand out the whole ones to anyone who wants them.  I

'm practically dying with happiness but trying to keep cool.  I resist shouting, "DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH THIS MEANS TO ME??  DO YOU KNOW THAT THIS IS JUST ABOUT THE HAPPIEST DAY IN MY WHOLE LIFE??? (next to the birth of my kids, you know, that level of stuff which could compete).  I resist throwing my arms around every single person looking my way.  (Of course some are just shopping and not paying attention.  Naturally.  As life must go on and this is New York City.)

The manager of the grocery store comes over to me.  I know he's the manager cause he's pushing a broom.  He's stocky, handsome and looks like he might be East Asian.  He smiles at me and mentions that he's already 'sexing' every day and if he watches the show, he'll probably need to even more.  He gives me a lecherous smile which, naturally, totally freaks me out so I give him a very bright smile and say, "Well, if you watched the show you'd know that I'm a happily married woman!"