Go Big or Go Bust: Day 18 (on Amy Cuddy and being big)

I was brought up in the era when children were supposed to be seen and not heard.  And frankly, even the "being seen" part was a little iffy. 

Decades later, and six feet tall, someone once remarked that I looked like a giant trying to hide behind an ant hill.  Doing hot yoga, the one pose all the teachers publicly acknowledged me for was the human compactor (my term).  Here's someone else doing it:

The pose à la me looked more like a stick of gum folded neatly in three parts.  I'm talking COMPACTED.  I know how to make myself small. 

Which brings me to the quandary: with this message so deeply ingrained, how am I possibly going to "Go Big or Go Bust"?  How can I be *big* if I'm unconsciously trying to be so small? 

When Elena Rossini suggested that I watch this video, I had my doubts.  But after watching it, I was excited.   And I was hopeful that it just might be possible to turn things around.