Go Big or Go Bust: Day 177 (fan appreciation day: Marie Pope from the great state of Texas)

I don't think you realize how important you, the Louise Log audience, are. 

For many of us working on the web, the rewards are strictly emotional.  Yes there's huge satisfaction in doing the work but when the tidal wave of self-doubt rises and crashes, it's your comments and encouragement that I fall back on.  They spike my adrenaline and they calm my anxious (naturally) heart.  In a funny irony, your interest is also what matters to distributors and the other money people.  So in fact, you are actually, pretty comprehensively, 'the bomb'. 

Over the years some of you have gone to the trouble of sending me beautiful things.  I'm hoping that I managed to at least thank you at the time, but because of the (lunatic) upload schedule, I don't feel that I ever properly acknowledged you or your lovely presents.   

Today is the first of several fan acknowledgement posts.  The others may have to wait for the Fall because I'm away from New York City (where most of my life is) for the summer. 

So if you haven't yet met Marie Pope, there's no time like the present.  She's been a rock of support for this show for sometime and is a regular fixture commenting on and sharing the LL facebook page.  

You can see in that picture that she's got a serious twinkle in her eye, but who knew that Marie was going to come up with this (see below) a whole Valentine project in July.  I was and am moved by this fantastic present which now hangs over my desk in the new studio. 

A valentine in July from super fan Marie Pope, hangs over my desk in the new studio.

A valentine in July from super fan Marie Pope, hangs over my desk in the new studio.

Thank you Marie for being smart and funny and for making the time in your whirlwind busy life to support The Louise Log.  GROUP HUG!