Go Big or Go Bust: Day 174 (they can be scary and they're beautiful)

Awakened at 6AM by a rather aggressive woodpecker who sounded like a jackhammer outside the bedroom window, I went outside to let him know how unhappy I was and was surprised to discover that he was a very big bird.  He flapped away but minutes later it sounded like he got into a quarrel with another bird which ended with one of them crashing into the roof. 

Then crows in the trees, one yelling, one whining, had a noisy exchange.  I started to wonder if there was some movement afoot.   Things are generally so peaceful.  This felt ugly and violent and I realized that only because of my size do I think of these creatures as harmless. 

A little while later, barn swallows did some kind of a performance flying back and forth very close to the house so I could see their undersides. 

Generally my relationship with birds is in listening to their songs which is a favorite part of my life in the countryside.  But only in Audubon prints or a rare photograph do I feel inspired by the visual beauty of a bird.  How I wished I'd had my phone at the ready so I could have caught at least a picture if not a whole video.  Here's something from Google Image which comes closer than anything else I could find to give you an idea of what I saw.   It made my day.

photo by Lillian Stokes,  2012

photo by Lillian Stokes,  2012