Go Big or Go Bust: Day 134 (on filling the well with "Going Gypsy")

Reporting live from Calgary, Alberta, I have to interrupt the travelog with a video shot a couple of months ago in NYC.

Centuries ago in internet time, Veronica and David James aka The Gypsynesters and The Louise Log (aka me) met online.  Their story is wonderful.  When their third child left for college, they decided they just didn't want to spend the rest of their lives staring longingly at the empty bedrooms. Instead, they sold their house and hit the road. Emptynesters turned gypsies.  Gypsynesters. 

I had the huge pleasure of meeting Veronica and David at a party for the launch of their book, "Going Gypsy".  But New Yorker that I am, had no cash on me at the party so I ordered it online. Everybody loves to yuck it up reading about other people's pain. Cause pain is funny.

Here's a visual recap of my reaction to "Going Gypsy" (:50).