Go Big or Go Bust: Day 13 (on clutter, anxiety and a legal high)

The cards that used to be falling out of my wallet all the time have been enjoying a nice safe and secure home in this fantastic little case for the past five or ten years.  


Every once in a while, I add a few more cards, going over capacity, and then it takes an unreasonable amount of time to get the case to snap closed.  I sort and reorganize the cards, spreading them out more evenly through the compartments until my shoulder blade muscles are on the verge of going into a spasm.  At this point I either give up and put the job aside or, if really lucky, the case snaps closed.  

A few days ago, I had a brainstorm: why don't I remove a few of the cards?   Don't I deserve that? Don't I deserve that level of comfort and peace in my life?  I removed one plastic and two laminated cards which I rarely if ever use and snapped the case closed.   The feeling of relief, satisfaction, wholeness and happiness was so much bigger than I expected or imagined it would be.  And days later, the feeling is still with me!  This is a legal high, it's FREE, and by golly it's long-lasting.  

So why hang on to stuff?   Because the thought of letting go makes me anxious?  But what if holding to more than I need creates a permanent state of anxiety because there just isn't room for it all.  

Next stop: the medicine chest.