Go Big or Go Bust: Day 10 (on planning, procrastination and distractions)

Ready to scream with frustration.  Day after day of this precious new year is slipping through my fingers as I get sidetracked by details like computer problems, like having the flu, like spending three hours on live chat with Roku tech support so I can join the 21st century and watch something on Netflix for the first time in my life.  

Getting organized and using time efficiently has never felt more urgent.  Special thanks to  Cathy Crosky and PMR for these life-changing suggestions.  Here’s the plan ('Before' pictures below) :

1. I am going to clear off my desk so I can see 80% desk. 

2. I’m going to sit quietly at this desk and decide what is a priority.  

3. I’m going to put some deadlines on the wall calendar.

4. I’m going to FILL IN  my daily schedule.

5. Then I’m going to reward myself with a walk or a nap or something equally great  (I always say I’m going to and never get around to it… which I’ve heard makes for a belligerent unconscious which doesn’t trust me.  And which MAY BE the source of all my problems…

(NB: DIY standing desk...)

(NB: DIY standing desk...)