blog: turning over a new leaf while preparing my taxes

Hello from the land of the itty-bitty receipts.

I asked Mr. Green to take a picture so I could save the thousand words. Mr Green's response: "No."  Curious to see if this was a form of throwing down the gauntlet, I tested the water, asking him where he'd parked the car. "Not telling." 

And then Mr. Green threw a stamped envelope to the floor by the front door (our age-old spot for anything headed out to be mailed). I raised my eyebrows and pointed to the basket I've recently put by the door.  Mr. Green furrowed his brow: "I'm gone for a few days and we've got all new procedures?"

The good news is that, for the first time ever with my teeny tiny receipts, I'm tallying up the categories as I go (stationery, post office, etc) instead of blowing a gasket at midnight. 

buried in receipts at tax time

buried in receipts at tax time