5 How To Wreck Your Reputation

Louise manages to blow the one commitment she has.

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Okay so I've never been this late to pick up the kids.  UNLESS...WAIT...The afterschool program... It starts today...I think I'm actually right on time.   (laugh) I really do live in my own parallel universe.  

Maybe I should lose this hat.  I'm cooking my brain.  Or am I dehydrated from the caffeine?

That's interesting.   When did I stop dressing like an artist?...   Was she wearing a SKIRT with those- - Whoa.  Better watch where I'm going.  I like strappy...  AndSHE'S very grounded.  Confident.  I'd love to have that confidence.     

Where is everybody?  It seems oddly quiet.  Oh no.  The afterschool program.  I bet it starts next week.  The door is LOCKED?  I 'm gonna give this principal a PIECE of my mind!  

AHHH!  Scary person!    I'm not saying one word.   

Okay.  I'm obviously in the wrong-- but she's acting like I'm an unfit mother!

Where does this woman get off!  I don't like her attitude.  

I'm sick of getting no respect.  --From ANYBODY.   So tired of playing dollhouse and--  and Ninja Turtles in the dollhouse.  I've HAD IT!!!   I can't breathe.  Just cause I don't have a big job!  Or any power AT ALL.    It's FU*%ed UP--  Motherhood, apparently, breaks down every last shred of ego.  Til you become a shell...filled with self-doubt... invisible!   WIth no way out.  Not even an emergency exit.

And what's a thousand times worse --  compared with most womens' situations--  mine probably looks downright rosy.