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4 How To Take It

Louise has issues.  

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Yikes I've NEVER been this late to pick up the kids.  That principal could have police waiting to ambush me-- to haul me off in handcuffs.  

Well I'll just run like there's a pack of wolves behind me.  Maybe I can beat the clock.  Oh my gosh, is that Calka?  Haven't seen him since art school.  

He never did like me.  And he--  HATED my work.

He really does. He looks 10 years younger.

WHAT.  Oh.  You can say that cause you;re a real artist.

You tell the truth!  And because I'm a little housewife with a manicure--  I don't dare to look at my watch, but I can't just stand here.  If I were a real artist, PUNCH him in the face!

Is this proof that I AM a superficial person?  Why I never want to read books about the Holocaust?    

Are you KIDDING?  I'm a mother!  I live like an indentured servant.  

Right.  Germany.   Actually I may be spending the night in prison!   Meanwhile, the caffeine's wearing off.   And now I'm even later.  Noooo.