3 How To Live On The Edge

Louise, on addiction to a caffeine rush and the perfect tomato.

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Will I ever stop trying to live on the edge?  I'm in a Grand Prix car race all day every day.  Right in my body.  The caffeine doesn't help matters.  (Think I'm addicted to the adrenaline rush--) Makes me feel important.  And I use the kids schedule to justify it.  The thing is, I'm rushing away from myself!

I am sorry.  But not sorry enough to change.    The thought of having to hold still, to wait.  I can't be alone with myself-- forget it! I'd rather live on the verge of a panic attack than stick one toe in the emptiness. 

I'm not even gonna think about scones -- or I'll never zip my jeans again.  Better stick to this frantic search for the perfect tomato.  Keeps me on the straight and narrow: anxious and TENSE.  The way I like it.