2 How To Talk To Men

You can learn along with Louise as she talks to the farmers market.

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Hey I didn't realize I'd have to actually talk with the farmers. Not that good with the small talk. Course the farmers are mostly guys -- which makes it awkward. Feel like I'm walking around naked. I don't want to be rude... Could pretend I'm deaf -- or that I don't speak English. Where'd I ever get the idea that I'm actually Wonder Woman? Maybe if I just keep my eyes on the vegetables. Otherwise it's just...too intimate -- I'm completely threatened. Other women must feel it? So how are they so relaxed? They don't seem to be pretending... Her I thought getting married would protect me from all this. Wait. Am I CAUSING the problem? They're not looking especially at me -- but maybe I'm the only one looking at them! No. I don't buy that. That's like blaming a rape victim. Maybe I should start wearing black underwear. S'posed to protect those chakras. Can't stand to feel like a little deer alone in the forest. Oh no. That's it! Now I'm late.